Just Me


Owner, Creative Designer and Teacher
excited about being apart of a creative process.

Glittered Roses was created in 2011 as an open diary because life back then took so many twist and turns.  I needed an outlet to stay connected with others so I created a blog.   The name was a combination from my Mother's love for roses and my love for glitter, it just seemed right. 

I have always had a passion for crafting and as I was learning to understand what different products could do, I discovered my love for sharing and teaching other's what I had learned.   
I like pulling from my stashed items to see what I can create, mixing a little bit of this and a lot of bit of that, trying different  brands and products. 

The interesting thing about my tagline "creating something handmade" it represents how my mind works when I see colors and patterns, I see a big beautiful something or the other,  I can start with one idea and by the time I am done it has turned into something different.  Enjoying crafts the way I do has allowed for so much room to teach so many different things, "creating something handmade" had to be.

It's a new journey for me to own my own craft business, but it's an honor that you want to craft right along with me. 
                                                                     xoxo Deirdre